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Transferring to San Jacinto College

Are you interested in transferring to San Jacinto College from another college or university? We’re happy to have you join us.

A university student is someone who is transferring from another school with the intent to pursue classes regardless of whether or not they will be returning to their previous institution.

*Please note: Out-of-State students who reside outside of the State of Texas are not eligible to take online classes. For questions, please contact the Distance Learning Office at 281-998-6370.

University students will follow the same steps listed on our Steps to Enroll page. Some key things to note with the admissions process for university students:

Meningitis: If you are over the age of 22, you do not need to submit your meningitis vaccination.

TSI: Based on coursework completed, you may be exempt from taking the TSI. If you are not exempt, you will need to provide testing scores or take the TSI with us.

High School Transcript: University students do not need to submit their high school transcript.

College Transcripts: You will need to submit an official transcript from each college or university you’ve attended. Transcripts are used not only to establish a TSI exemption, but completion of pre-requisites.

  • Unofficial transcripts can be submitted for TSI purposes ONLY. An official transcript will still be required.
  • Transcripts should be sent to:

San Jacinto College - Records Management
13735 Beamer Road
Houston, TX 77089.

  • University students who hold a degree (associate, bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral) only need to submit an official transcript from the school that awarded the highest degree. Taken classes after you earned your degree? We will need a transcript from that college or university as well.
  • Once your transcript(s) arrive, you’ll need to make an official request to have your transcript(s) evaluated to determine what courses will transfer. You can request the evaluation by visiting any campus student services office or by calling 281-998-6150.

*Note: Official transcripts cannot be received via any San Jacinto College email address; however, they can be sent electronically directly via your college or university.

*Note: Degree-seeking students applying for Financial Aid at San Jacinto College will need to submit all official transcripts. Student may not receive Financial Aid from more than one institution at a time. Aid awarded at other institutions does not roll over to San Jacinto College.

Orientation: University students with less than 12 credit hours completed will be required to take New Student Orientation and meet with an admissions advisor before registering for classes.

Advising: University students with less than 12 credit hours will be required to meet with an advisor. While meeting with an admissions advisor is not required for university students with more than 12 credit hours, it is strongly recommended.

Transfer Academic Status

Your academic status during the most recent term of enrollment at another college or university determines the academic status under which you’ll be admitted.

Status at Previous College/University

Status at San Jacinto College

Good Standing

Good Standing

Academic Probation

Academic Probation

Academic Suspension

Academic Probation after suspension period is over




Students are responsible for knowing their academic status and if they will be eligible for admissions. Students who are not eligible but succeed in enrolling will be withdrawn and have to forfeit all tuition and fees. Please contact our Admissions department at 281-998-6150 or visit them on campus to discuss your admissions concerns with an advisor.