Types Of Students

Types Of Students

Here at San Jacinto College, we welcome all students who are interested in furthering their education. There are many types of students and while we have a general admissions process, certain students may have additional steps.

Find the student type that best fits you

First Time in College

Students who have never before attended college, including home school students. Some students may have completed some dual credit classes at another college or university.


Students who have completed their GED, but have not yet attended a college or university.


Students who are interested in transferring from San Jacinto College or a university student coming to San Jacinto College from another institution.  


Students who have taken classes previously at San Jacinto College and have not attended in the last 2 semesters, but want to return.


There are many types of International students. Some may already be in the U.S. while others may be coming here from their home country.

Dual Credit

Dual credit students are students who are still in high school and also completing college classes for credit. Early College High School students will complete their first two years in college during their last two years of high school.


Students who have honorably served our country may be eligible to use their veteran educational benefits to help pay for school. Dependents and spouses of veterans may also be eligible to use veteran educational benefits.

Continuing & Professional Development

Continuing and Professional Development classes are non-credit offerings, workforce development, or life-long learner courses.

Senior Citizens

Students 65 or older are eligible for a tuition break.

Special Approval

If you do not have a diploma or GED, you may be eligible for special approval to pursue your college education.