Fostering Excellence Through Giving

Jan 4, 2024Neesha Hosein
Laurel Williamson

Dr. Laurel Williamson, San Jacinto College deputy chancellor and College president, considers herself a lifelong learner, so it’s no surprise she found career solace in the field of education.

“This job keeps me on my toes,” she said. “I like that it is a continual learning process as education and the businesses and industries we serve change, almost on a daily basis."

Williamson has been with San Jacinto College for 17 years and has served as a leader, instructor, and administrator. Holding a doctorate in English literature, Williamson has published essays and poetry. She is also a U.S. Army veteran. In an ever-changing field, she is actively engaged in discovering new and innovative ways to improve college processes and the student experience.

“In this role, I get to interact with people at other colleges both state and nationwide,” she said. “I find a wide variety of collaboration opportunities, and it is great to meet new people with fresh ideas. It’s a role in which I continue to learn.”

As a College employee, Williamson feels strongly about giving back to students. She uses payroll deduction because she finds this to be the most convenient and effective way to support students through the San Jacinto College Foundation. It provides “an immediate way to give to students in need.” She finds it rewarding to know her donation goes toward worthy endeavors like the San Jac Marketplace, where students can get food, household items, and school supplies. Monetary donations also help veterans, create scholarships, and go toward emergency funds that help ease financial burdens during crises.

“The College does a wonderful job of providing opportunities for employees to give back, which is important to student success,” Williamson said. “Students often face challenges, and it is important for them to know there is a support system in place.”

San Jacinto College continues to build a legacy of helping both its employees and students succeed. Williamson encourages people to consider what even a small donation can do for a student over time.

“Every day, I can see and feel the changes we make around the community and in our students’ lives,” Williamson said. “Hearing their success stories and seeing them walk across the stageat commencement, I know we help people work toward their dreams, and that is a moral directive I live by.”

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