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For the Community

Education can’t happen in a vacuum; it happens best in a community. That's why we’re so involved with events and organizations throughout our district.


A Proud Community Partner

We admit it: We’re biased. We believe the Houston region offers the best place to learn, to grow, and to build community. That’s why we create partnerships—with businesses, leaders, school districts, and community groups—to harness the energy and momentum of this incredible region. And that’s why we invite the community to be part of our campus, too.
Every semester, you can explore lifelong learning classes, from dance to financial management and so much more! Every year, our business partners and students unite to keep each other at the tops of their games. 

Summer camp painting class

Summer Camps for Kids

Looking for something fun and educational for kids and teens this summer? San Jac hosts exciting and enriching summer camps for kids of all ages and all interests – from athletics and career exploration, to music and STEM, and everything in between.

3 Reasons Why Businesses Partner with San Jac

Our partnerships with companies around the region are mutually beneficial: Our students learn from experts in their fields of study, while our business partners find bright, skilled employees, ready to make a difference.
  1. To Maintain a Cutting-edge Workforce

    Keep your employees’ skills current with customized training programs across many fields, including healthcare, business, skilled trades, cosmetology, and industrial fields.

  2. To Inspire a New Generation of Leaders

    We have 78 advisory committees and  1,500 industry experts who bridge the education-workforce divide and support leaders of tomorrow.

  3. To Become a San Jac Vendor

    Grow your business while joining the dozens of vendors who support our educational mission on campus.


Central Library

Your Local library

Community members are welcome to use our libraries, located on the Central, North, South, and Generation Park Campuses.