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Mar 4, 2024Melissa Trevizo
Financial Literacy

Ever wonder about the fine print on your loan? Or what it takes to repair a credit score? San Jacinto College Continuing and Professional Development offers finance fundamentals, a four-week program that gives individuals a solid foundation in banking and financial literacy.  

Students review financial products, credit scores, interest rates, loan terms, compliance, regulation, and customer service.  

 “I worked as a mortgage loan officer for several years, and I’ve seen firsthand people come in without any knowledge of how credit works or how debt-to-income ratio can affect their financial health,” said Kimberley Ward, continuing and professional development training coordinator. “This course will give students seeking employment in the financial space a base knowledge and delve deep into banking relationships.” 

 According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, overall employment in business and financial occupations is projected to grow faster than average from 2022 to 2032. About 911,400 openings are projected each year in these occupations due to employment growth and the need to replace workers who leave the field — good news for students looking to enter finance. 

After completing this course, participants will understand the banking job opportunities beyond a teller position and learn how to… 

  • Develop a financial health plan  
  • Read credit reports and incorporate credit scores  
  • Read financial statements 
  • Calculate a debt-to-income ratio  
  • Grow a banking relationship 
  • Calculate interest rates and understand loan terms 

“The curriculum for this program is unique to San Jac,” said Sheila Simon, continuing and professional development director. “We originally developed the program for bank tellers but saw a greater need for all banking professions. This gives people looking to enter the financial world a great introduction into the topics and content they will be working with daily in the future.” 

 The course is offered both in person and online to accommodate all students. The course costs $475 but falls under the Texas Public Educational Grant Program for qualifying students.  

TPEG provides need-based scholarships to a limited number of students, awarded on a first-come, first-served basis during the fall and spring semesters. If eligible, students may receive two grants each academic year: one in the fall semester and one in the spring semester.  

See if you qualify for TPEG

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