San Jacinto College Graduates

Dual Credit for H.S. Seniors

Congratulations, high school seniors! Graduating with San Jac dual credit sets you up for academic success. But what comes next? This page is your guide to navigating the next steps in your academic journey.

Next Steps as a Dual Credit Graduate

As a high school senior graduating with dual credit, you're already ahead of the game. You've proven that you can balance high school coursework with college-level classes, setting yourself up for a successful academic career. But what's next?
  1. Review Your San Jac GPS

    Your GPS (Guided Pathway to Success) is your roadmap to academic achievement. Review it carefully to ensure you're on track for success.

  2. Order Your Transcript

    Your transcript is a record of your academic achievements - make sure you order a copy to keep on file or to send to your next college or university.

Dual Credit Graduates

Congratulations again on your academic accomplishments, high school seniors! With this guide, you're well on your way to a bright future. Take action now and keep building on your success.

If you're a dual credit student who wants to continue your academic journey at San Jac, we have a short form that you should complete during the spring semester of your senior year. Keep building on your academic achievements and join us as a non-dual credit student!

We know that some dual credit graduates may be ready to transfer to another college or university. Check out our transfer page for more information and resources to help you make the transition

What to Study?

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Credit. Noncredit. Associate of Arts degrees. Associate of Applied Science degrees. Technical Certificates. Occupational Certificates. The list of programs we have here at San Jacinto runs far and wide. Want to see how you can put your credits to use? Check out everything we offer.