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Student Awareness Prevention Training

Student awareness and prevention training is crucial to creating a safe campus environment. San Jac provides training to educate students on recognizing and preventing sexual misconduct, dating violence, and stalking. These programs promote a culture of consent and respect, empowering students to seek help when necessary.

Sexual Misconduct at San Jac


Definition and Examples of Sexual Misconduct

  • Sexual misconduct refers to behaviors of a sexual nature that are hostile, unwelcome, and intimidating. 
  • Words and phrases associated with sexual misconduct include sexual assault, sexual harassment, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking.

Laws for Reporting and Handling Sexual Misconduct

  • State and federal laws exist to guide students in reporting incidents of sexual misconduct and to protect those who have experienced it.
  • These laws also guide colleges in handling and investigating incidents of sexual misconduct.

Training Requirements and Process

Did you know that new Texas college students must be trained about a college’s sexual misconduct policy during their first term of enrollment? Here’s what you need to know about San Jac’s online training.

U Got This Training Requirement

  • San Jac students are required to complete an online training called “U Got This.”
  • The training is designed to create awareness and encourage prevention of sexual assault, sexual harassment, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking.
  • The training covers the role of alcohol in these circumstances, bystander intervention, and offers resources available to students.

Mandatory Completion Before Registration

  • The Sexual Misconduct Policy video and U Got This Awareness and Prevention Training must be completed before registering for classes in a future term or semester.
  • If these requirements are not met, an NA hold ( Sexual Misconduct Awareness) will appear in the student’s account, which restricts students from registering for a future term.

Hold Release and Completion Video

  • After completing the Sexual Misconduct Policy video and U Got This Awareness and Prevention Training, students must allow two hours for their hold to be released.
  • Alternatively, students can visit the campus and ask an academic advisor or program advisor to release the hold.
  • Students must provide a valid copy of their email completion, which can be a paper copy or a viewable copy on their phone or device.

Access New Student Training

New and transfer students can access free training from their SOS accounts. Please follow the steps to complete your training.
  1. Log in to Your SOS Account

    Log in to your SOS account and enter your student ID ‘G’ number and password.

  2. Find Sexual Misconduct Policy Training

    • Click on the Student title on your SOS account dashboard.
    • Select the Student Concerns option.
    • Click on the link labeled “Sexual Misconduct Policy Training Video”

  3. Start Your Training

    Click the Play button to start the training video.

  4. Access Awareness and Prevention Training

    • In the Student Concerns tab, find the link labeled “U Got This Awareness & Prevention Training.”
    • Click the link to start the training.

  5. Complete The Training

    • The training takes approximately 40 minutes to complete.
    • You can stop or start the training at any time.
    • If you run out of time, you can return later to finish the training.

  6. Verify Completion

    Once you have completed both training sessions, verify that they are marked as complete on your SOS account dashboard.

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