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Track your academic progress with San Jac GPS (Graduation Plan Strategy). This web-based app shows you exactly what you need to meet your course requirements. And even better - it’s available 24/7, accessible through your SOS account.

How Does San Jac GPS Help Me?

San Jac GPS doesn’t replace meetings with your advisor, but it does help build a roadmap to success.

Map Your Future Semesters

San Jac GPS will tell you what requirements you need to complete your degree. You can learn the prerequisites and corequisites for courses, see your GPA, and get a breakdown of which classes you’ve completed. It even estimates how long until graduation.

Check Transfer Credits

Through San Jac GPS, you can easily view transfer credits, waivers, and exemptions. You don’t need to wait for the admissions office to open. Know exactly what is applied toward your degree anytime, so you can plan your semester confidently.

Explore Options to Change Your Program

The “What-If” feature takes out the uncertainty out of switching majors. It allows you to see how your coursework can be applied to other degree paths before you and your advisor make a final decision.

How to Access San Jac GPS

Access San Jac GPS anytime, anywhere - just follow the steps below.
  1. Log In to Your SOS Account

    Your user name is your student ID “G” number, including the G.

  2. Click the “Student” Tab

    Located at the top of the page.

  3. Click on “Degree Evaluation”

    To access GPS.

  4. Click on “Perform Degree Evaluations"

    Choose "San Jac GPS (Graduation Catalogs Fall 2013 and Forward)”

  5. Click the “Plans” Tab

    The Plans tab shows you a list of recommended classes to take each semester until graduation. Once you know what’s recommended, visit with your advisor to create your final course plan.

Using the "What-If" Feature

The What-If feature is a great tool for anyone considering switching majors. It allows you to see the requirements for the new degree path, as well as how your credits apply to the program. Follow the steps below to get a sense of your options, then meet with your advisor to create a plan.

  • From the Worksheets tab, Click on “What-If” on the left side of the page.
  • Select the degree or certificate you want to view.
  • Select the current catalog year.
  • Choose the major you are considering.
  • Click “Process What-If.”
  • Your new worksheet will appear automatically.


San Jac GPS FAQs


San Jac GPS pulls information from your current student records. If this information is incorrect, please contact the Center for Advising, Career & Transfer at (281) 998-6150. Or email us at


The catalog year tells you what requirements you need for your degree based on the year you enrolled. For example, if you enrolled in your program in Fall 2022, then your catalog year is 2022-2023. It’s important to know your catalog year because some program requirements change from year to year.


No. San Jac GPS is a snapshot of your current registration and academic history. Registration and drop/add are still handled through the registration system in SOS.


  • Your worksheet will display:
  • Completed courses (including transfer courses)
  • Courses in progress
  • Courses required to complete your degree or certificate

The Worksheet is not an official transcript. It is an unofficial audit of your coursework, as well as a guide to help you reach your ultimate goal of graduation.

If a course is repeated, only the higher grade counts toward your degree requirements and Worksheet evaluation. If the same grade was earned in both courses, only the first attempt will be counted.

If you withdrew from a course, it will appear in the “Not Applied” block on your Worksheet. 

San Jac GPS is programmed to determine which category is the best fit for your completed courses. This placement is not permanent. Courses may change to more appropriate categories as you complete more classes.

There may be instances where a course fulfills a requirement in the wrong place. If this happens, the system will adjust it once you complete the course that correctly satisfies that requirement.

  1. Yes.  If you have requested a transcript evaluation and it is complete, all transfer courses that satisfy degree requirements will be on your San Jac GPS worksheet. If your transcript has been evaluated and your transfer work is not included, it could be one of three reasons:
  2. The course content and student learning outcomes were not equivalent.
    The course did not meet either the minimum number of credits and/or minimum grade requirement for use in your program.
  3. All requirements have been met and this course is not needed.

In San Jac GPS, select the “Plans” tab. If you have multiple saved plans they will appear in a list. Click on the plan you would like to view. If you have selected the plan, it will be highlighted in blue. 

Under the “View” drop down menu, you will select “Audit”. This will show you a copy of your Worksheet along with the suggested plan. At this time, you are not able to make any changes to your saved plan. If you have questions about the courses on your plan, contact the Center for Advising, Career & Transfer.

No, you can not use San Jac GPS to waive or substitute a course. The steps to do this are:

  1. The student requests the waiver or substitution with the department chair.
  2. The department chair submits a request for the waiver or substitution.
  3. The request must be approved by the Dean and Provost.
  4. The student will be notified when the request is processed and it will be viewable in the San Jac GPS worksheet.

The What-If feature allows you to hypothetically change your program or major. Your new What-If evaluation will show you what coursework is required for the new program, what courses you have taken that satisfy requirements, and what courses are still left for you to take. 

This tool is for information purposes only. What-If scenarios are not saved in San Jac GPS. You will need to run a new What-If scenario the next time you log in to see it again. If you decide to change your major, you will need to visit the Center for Advising, Career & Transfer office.

Set up an appointment with the Center for Advising, Career & Transfer. Together, we will review your worksheet. Preliminary conditions for graduation include specified coursework, a minimum GPA, and residency requirements. If you meet these, you will fill out a graduation application. 

A final audit is completed at the end of your final semester. This will determine your graduation eligibility. You will be notified of any missing requirements by the Center for Advising, Career & Transfer.

Please apply for graduation via SOS. 

Contact Us

Center for Advising Career and Transfer

The Center for Advising, Career & Transfer

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Information Technology Support

IT Tech Support

Please contact Tech Support for any technical issues with San Jac GPS.
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